Fire at Mountain View Inn, Greenburg, PA

A fire broke out around noon today at the Mountain View Inn, a landmark along the Lincoln Highway 4 miles east of Greensburg, Pennsylvania. The fire was near a central tower, which was damaged, but no one was injured and the inn was set to reopen later today. Brief reports were in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

The hotel, opened in 1924 (as pictured above), sits between the Lincoln Highway and its bypass, US 30. The tower, now used for the logo of the inn, is a more recent addition.

2 thoughts on “Fire at Mountain View Inn, Greenburg, PA

  1. I’ve not stayed or eaten there but I have stopped to look around and take a few photos. I would never have recognized the place from the 1924 photo. Besides the tower, there is a huge covered drive through area on the front. It sounds as if the fire was fairly minor so I imagine there will be little or no business interruption. The place seems to be quite popular but I gotta say I like the looks of the 1920 version better.

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