Vintage Roadside hits the Lincoln Highway

Looks like it might be another tough week to keep up with blogging — kids have the flu and I get more symptoms every hour. But here’s some cheery news (and a photo) from Jeff at Vintage Roadside.


Kelly & I are on a road trip from Portland, OR to Nashville, TN for the National Trust annual conference and we’re driving the Lincoln Highway across Wyoming & Nebraska. We’re writing our blog and visited the Black & Orange cabins today in Fort Bridger, Wyoming. We linked to your post about the cabins to give people more history about them.

Read their adventures at


2 thoughts on “Vintage Roadside hits the Lincoln Highway

  1. Brian – Thanks for the kind mention of our blog. It looks like we’ll be racing the coming snow across Wyoming so fingers crossed! For now it’s a crisp, clear 27 degrees.

    We also wanted to say thanks again for all you’ve done to share Lincoln Highway history, news and tips – you’ve created a great research resource!

    Hope you and the kids are feeling better soon.


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