Ghostin’ all the way, on the Lincoln Highway

My editor, Kyle Weaver, has asked a number of times if there are enough haunted places along the Lincoln Highway to fill a book. I know of many rumors but only a couple stories (and ghosts) jump out. How about it — do you know of any good ghost stories from the Lincoln Highway?

PS: Today’s blog title is a reference to a song by Buddy Nutt that I love, “Goin All the Way (on the Lincoln Highway).” To hear an extended demo of the one heard in Rick Sebak’s PBS special about the Lincoln Highway, CLICK HERE.


3 thoughts on “Ghostin’ all the way, on the Lincoln Highway

  1. Brian, check out our new item #626 on our website. Mr. Carlson will be writing about more states along the Lincoln Highway in the future

  2. Brian,

    The Banta Inn on the LH in Banta, CA, between Stockton and Tracy is supposed to be haunted. That is their claim to fame. We have had a couple of CA chapter meetings there, and a lot of info is available, but I don’t have it with me. Can get you more if you want.

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