Drive-in theater future looking grim in Latrobe

Rumors continue to swirl around the Hi-Way Drive-In Theater along the Lincoln Highway east of Pittsburgh in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. The most likely fate is that drugstore chain CVS is buying the land to open a store. Perhaps the only delay now is assuring all permits proceed.

One post on the drive-in’s Facebook page listed a response from CVS:

CVS has outgrown the current store location in Latrobe and we need to relocate to a site that will be more convenient and accessible for our customers, which is why we are moving to a larger location on Rt. 30. According to the current property owners, the drive-in is being closed for financial reasons whether or not CVS moves to this site. We look forward to providing the Latrobe community with improved pharmacy services when we open our new store next year.

UPDATE: An article ran a week before this post in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

4 thoughts on “Drive-in theater future looking grim in Latrobe

  1. oh, bummer! I never go to CVS / Walgreens / Walmart because of their practices of taking over land that has cool old stuff on it. I’m sure they don’t notice, but at lease I’m not giving them any of my RetroRoadmoney!

  2. I shot a youtube today on this Drive in’s demise…thought it was Target taking the spot. What is Sad is CVS will be an empty building in about 10 years when they mismanage themselves out of business.

  3. We love that drive-in. We go almost every weekend in the summer. My family is heart broken over this. We don’t need another drugstore. We need to keep the last of the 2 drive-in that remain for present and future children.

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