PA Roads: From the Lincoln to Eisenhower

The Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor will present “Pennsylvania’s Roads: From the Lincoln to Eisenhower” at 2 pm, March 11, at the Lincoln Highway Experience, 3435 Route 30 East, near Kingston Dam in Latrobe. Presenter Jeffrey Kitsko will explore the history of the Lincoln Highway, the PA Turnpike, and the Interstate Highway System as envisioned by President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Jeff  will also discuss roadway construction from the time of the named auto routes and the importance of preserving the Lincoln Highway. He brings his expertise on the history of Pennsylvania’s roadways particularly as the webmaster of the award-winning site

Advance reservations are required. Visit to make reservations through PayPal or call (724) 879-4241. A fee charged per person will include light refreshments.

2 thoughts on “PA Roads: From the Lincoln to Eisenhower

  1. Hi, Brian,
    I tried to find a regular e-mail address for this routine message, but was unable to, so feel free to delete it from the blog once you receive it.
    Thanks for all you do trying to preserve the historic Lincoln Highway and passing along info via the wonderful newsletter.
    We had interest in the March 11 Event in the Latrobe area, but were unable to find info via the links provided. I thought you may want to pass along that difficulty to the webmaster as it appears there’s no info there (or maybe I just didn’t find it)
    Forest & Aileen Grauel
    Burtonsville, MD and
    Falling Waters, WV

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