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Lincoln Highway fans should read Sebak’s blog

Speaking of PBS producer Rick Sebak, you’ll feel you’re with him on you own Ride Along the Lincoln Highway when you read his blog. His next dozen entries will be about his trip to the Lincoln Highway Association conference in South Bend. His first two posts have not even gotten him out of Ohio as … Continue reading

Sebak wins LHA’s first Gregory M. Franzwa Award

PBS producer Rick Sebak received the first Gregory M. Franzwa award that recognizes the individual or group who does the most for the Lincoln Highway Association. Franzwa was a founder, past president, and long-time journal editor of the association. Sebak’s 2008 program, A Ride Along the Lincoln Highway, greatly increased membership and interest in the … Continue reading

PBS’s Sebak, Model Ts highlight Frick weekend

The Car and Carriage Museum at the Frick Art & Historical Center is hosting a weekend-long Model T Jubilee. The celebration and activities on Saturday and Sunday celebrate the exhibit “A Revolution on Wheels: The Model T at 100,” which opened in October to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the 1908 Model T. The exhibit, … Continue reading

Some on-the [gravel] road snaps from Sebak

As PBS producer Rick Sebak and crew followed the Lincoln Highway to the Pacific Ocean and back, he snapped lots of photos. Here are a couple from Utah. And here’s a video clip they made while skirting the Great Salt Desert and Dugway Proving Ground: Learn more about their travels and the forthcoming show, A … Continue reading

Some Sebak Scenes from Wyoming tour east

Rick Sebak has been traveling the Lincoln Highway with his PBS crew mates Bob and Glenn for a must-see production that will air this October. Last week he caught up with the LHA national conference buses heading east. He sent shots from the trip: CLICK the above view to enjoy it large. Todd Thibadeau tells … Continue reading

PBS’s Sebak: “We could do this forever”

PBS producer Rick Sebak has called the past few days reporting that like any good road trip, there’s just too many places to explore when you’re trying to keep to a schedule: “There’s so much to see, we could do this forever.” They’re on their second cross-country trip fiming for A Look Along the Lincoln … Continue reading

Sebak on the road again for summer LH video

I met Rick Sebak about 1990 as he was preparing to produce a show about roadside attractions in Pennsylvania. We traveled the Lincoln Highway together, and now almost two decades later (seems like two years!) he’s traveling the Lincoln Highway coast-to-coast for an hour-long show to debut later this summer. We’ve also worked together on … Continue reading

100th birthday party honors Bernie Queneau

LINCOLN HIGHWAY NEWS IS A BLOG BY BRIAN BUTKO Bernie Queneau, known to Lincoln Highway fans for his 1928 cross-country Boy Scout trip, celebrated his birthday Saturday July 14 with friends and family. An elegant dinner in Pittsburgh, Pa., included toasts and jokes ranging from his children to his young doctor. PBS’s Rick Sebak handed out … Continue reading

Lincoln Hwy Boy Scout Bernie Queneau turns 100

LINCOLN HIGHWAY NEWS IS A BLOG BY BRIAN BUTKO Bernie Queneau, the Lincoln Highway’s best-known ambassador, celebrates his 100th birthday today. In 1928, he was one of four Eagle Scouts to cross the Lincoln Highway (at 16) as part of a Scouts’ Safety Tour, which also promoted the highway and its marking that September with … Continue reading

Slideshow: antique cars on Iowa Lincoln Hwy tour

LINCOLN HIGHWAY NEWS IS A BLOG BY BRIAN BUTKO A new brief video by VintonToday features antique cars that participated in last weekend’s Lincoln Highway tour across Iowa, specifically at the restored Youngville Station between Cedar Rapids and Belle Plaine. The accompanying music — unfortunately uncredited — is Buddy Nutt singing Goin all the Way … Continue reading

Blues song pines for the open road of the Lincoln

LINCOLN HIGHWAY NEWS IS A BLOG BY BRIAN BUTKO Tom Neely, a songwriter and music teacher in the Lincoln Highway town of Dublin, California (just south of San Francisco) has been writing and performing music most of his life. After seeing Rick Sebak’s Lincoln Highway show on PBS, Tom was inspired to write a song … Continue reading

Boardwalk Empire features Lincoln HIghway sign

LINCOLN HIGHWAY NEWS IS A BLOG BY BRIAN BUTKO PBS producer Rick Sebak wrote to say that the premier of the new HBO series Boardwalk Empire, about the arrival of Prohibition and the growth of organized crime, featured a Lincoln Highway sign. Young Al Capone was driving a load of stolen liquor to Chicago when … Continue reading

You too can race at the Bonneville Salt Flats

PBS producer Rick Sebak passes on a reminder of a one-a year opportunity September 15-18, 2010. From a release: “Call it a hunch, but you’ve long suspected that when it’s really on the line, you could race a motorized bar stool across some salt flats faster than anyone. And soon, you’ll have your chance to … Continue reading

Delay in highway news while life goes on

Just a quick note to explain the lack of recent updates. Among the many difficult times here lately was the death of a close friend and an out-of-town funeral. Here’s hoping we all get to spend a little more time with those we love on the road of life. Lincoln Highway photo by Rick Sebak.

Lincoln Highway Companion out, online

Some people still ask if my new book Lincoln Highway Companion has been published and I’m glad to say yes, it’s available. Below is a picture from A Ride Along the Lincoln Highway producer Rick Sebak of local friend Tom Weisbecker with the book at his Isaly’s dairy store in West View, north of Pittsburgh. … Continue reading

Updates and news from the Lincoln Highway

• Update to recent murder of Lincoln Cafe owner: No word on the cafe itself in Belle Plaine, Iowa, but bond was set at $500,000 each for three people accused, and at a preliminary hearing yesterday, arraignment was set for August 13 in Iowa County District Court. According to the Cedar Rapids Gazette, “Marengo Police … Continue reading