My books

I’m working on books about KENNYWOOD and LUNA PARK in Pittsburgh. Here are the books I’ve already published:

GREETINGS FROM THE LINCOLN HIGHWAY, CENTENNIAL EDITION adds updated maps, info, and 100 different images. Click the cover to buy it on Amazon.

THE LINCOLN HIGHWAY: PHOTOS THROUGH TIME is a souvenir book I wrote, designed, and produced for the LHA. Click the cover to buy it from the LH Trading Post.

DINERS OF PENNSYLVANIA is a completely updated guide to the history, geography, and food of Pennsylvania’s beloved roadside eateries.


BkCvr_RoadsideAtt_LO BkCvr_RoadsideG_LO

I also edit and oversee projects for the Heinz History Center such as the book The Civil War in Pennsylvania: A Photographic History.

9 thoughts on “My books

  1. Hi! And thank you for stimulating my interest in the Lincoln Highway. My significant other and I already have a copy of “The Lincoln Highway: Pennsylvania Traveler’s Guide (2nd ed.)” and I have begun to write about the highway this year on my own blog. I have a question. Just where exactly is the Lincoln Highway marker/sign in Times Square? I am going to Manhattan on Wednesday, May 1, for a meeting, and I would like to take a photo of the sign/marker.

    Many thanks–Tom Berrigan

  2. brian–I looked for you at the Archway on Monday, but I had to leave around 2 pm and the booth I was told you were at was empty. Glad you could make it later tho

    I agree-the articles and news about the celebration –esp those by MJ Skala from the HUB would make a terrific book.

  3. Brian, Really nice book on the Lincoln Highway and great pictures. One clarification: page 121 on Dixon, IL, says that Reagan lived here from 1920-1923. Actually he lived in Dixon until he graduated from college and went off to Des Moines, Iowa, in 1932. Also, the Dixon Welcome Center has a wonderful Lincoln Highway Interpretive Center, plus an outdoor kiosk has a 2nd Lincoln Highway display. Ann Lewis, Dixon, IL

  4. Hi Brian! I’m a public media (PBS member station WHYY) producer working on a documentary about Delaware’s DuPont Highway. I wonder whether you or anyone you’ve come across in your travels and research might be a fit for our show. Mind dropping me a line at, or giving me a call at 856.287.9098?

    Thank you! I really enjoy the work you do.

  5. My grandfather used to own the Isaly’s at Great Western, on West Broad Street, Columbus Ohio. He is 87 and I have been trying to find photos of the restaurant. I have found articles, but not a single photo?? Can you help?

  6. Brian, Thank you! I received the The Story of Isaly’s as a gift. You see, I am an “Isaly”. We still reside in Monroe County, Ohio where Verona and Christian Isaly settled. Your book had me digging out my family tree and tracing all the Isalys mentioned in the book. Thanks for taking me back!
    Jill (Isaly) Schumacher

  7. Brian, I assume that the Klondike book is out-of-print since it goes to Amazon suppliers with just one copy? Thanks. Tom Neel from Samuel Isaly Library of the Ohio Genealogical Society

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