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New Lincoln Highway photo book underway

LINCOLN HIGHWAY NEWS IS A BLOG BY BRIAN BUTKO For 14 years, Eric and Kass Mencher have devoted their photographic passion to visually documenting the landmarks, landscapes, and people of the Lincoln Highway. They’re in the final stages of self-publishing a book that celebrates the road’s upcoming anniversary. To see  a still-evolving 200+ page prototype click … Continue reading

“Motoring” explores Lincoln, other highways

Our friends John A. Jakle and Keith A. Sculle have a new book due out any day, Motoring: The Highway Experience in America. It focuses on recreational travel between 1900 and 1960 by examining various aspects of the built environment and how they’ve shape our view of the “open road.” The 288-page, 75-photo publication from … Continue reading

Route 66 Reviews the Lincoln Highway

Well, not the roads but a Route 66 site and a Lincoln Highway book. Ron Warnick, whose Route 66 News was a prime inspiration for this site, just reviewed my Greetings from the Lincoln Highway, a book 10 years in the making. He was very kind in his praise – check it out or look … Continue reading