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Dennis schedules fall Lincoln Highway walk

Dennis Crowley, who is walking the coast-to-coast Lincoln Highway in portions, has refined his schedule for this fall. Click HERE for the itinerary from Sacramento, California, to Ely, Nevada. He’s also used the LHA DeLorme-based mapping system chart his trip, broken into 3 parts: mapshare.delorme.com/Consumer/V.aspx?p=4cbwtpmf mapshare.delorme.com/Consumer/V.aspx?p=k3d1sv1f mapshare.delorme.com/Consumer/V.aspx?p=z7dv4jmd The numbers coordinate with the walking days.

More from California leg of Walking America

Dennis Crowley continues his story as journeys across California: California traffic presented some concerns, like that is hard to believe. I had to always be on the alert that someone wasn’t pulling on to the shoulder. Thankfully I had the foresight to install mirrors on the rig which I constantly monitored as well as installing … Continue reading