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Wounded veterans biking the Lincoln Highway

LINCOLN HIGHWAY NEWS IS A BLOG BY BRIAN BUTKO From May 28-July 28, a group of wounded warriors from America’s military is riding bicycles, hand cycles, and recumbent cycles from the Pacific to the Atlantic following much of the Lincoln Highway. For more than 20 years, the non-profit World T.E.A.M. Sports has organized athletic events for … Continue reading

Blogging the Lincoln Highway in NV and UT

LINCOLN HIGHWAY NEWS IS A BLOG BY BRIAN BUTKO I’ve been following a fantastic blog for a couple weeks. Grover Cleveland — his real name — writes “Camera and Pencil in the Mountains” that details his travels in the Sierra Nevada range. Last year he bought a 1919 Model T Ford roadster and converted it … Continue reading

Denny’s Lincoln Highway adventures continue

LINCOLN HIGHWAY NEWS IS A BLOG BY BRIAN BUTKO Make sure you keep following Denny Gibson’s blog after the first day he hits the Lincoln Highway (his Day 9). Click HERE to continue with Day 10. Highlights include encountering snow at Donner Summit (note the LH “Subway” beneath the railroad overpass just left of center) … Continue reading

Lincoln/US 50 closing for repair at Echo Summit

LINCOLN HIGHWAY NEWS IS A BLOG BY BRIAN BUTKO Starting May 11, Caltrans will close U.S. 50/Lincoln Highway at Echo Summit for approximately two weeks to replace a rock wall with a barrier that meets current safety standards while preserving the natural beauty. According to Way2Tahoe.com, traffic will be one-way on May 9–10 in preparation … Continue reading

LHA conference committee meets at Lake Tahoe

LINCOLN HIGHWAY NEWS IS A BLOG BY BRIAN BUTKO The 19th annual Lincoln Highway Association conference will take place June 20–24 at Stateline, Nevada, on the south shore of Lake Tahoe. The host hotel is Harrah’s Lake Tahoe (along with with Harvey’s), where you will register for the conference, browse the book room, enjoy the … Continue reading

Cave Rock on Lake Tahoe again in dispute

LINCOLN HIGHWAY NEWS IS A BLOG BY BRIAN BUTKO The Los Angeles Times reports that while planning for a 30-mile bike path along the Nevada shore of Lake Tahoe moves ahead, concerns from local Native Americans may halt the project at Cave Rock, considered a sacred site by the Washoe Tribe. The vintage slide below … Continue reading

Offbeat 1917 LH brochure touts water fountain

LINCOLN HIGHWAY NEWS IS A BLOG BY BRIAN BUTKO A brochure scanned and online for free download touts a Lincoln Highway water fountain design that was to be placed from coast to coast. Also proposed were cement tourist cabins to be built resembling Abraham Lincoln’s log cabin. Both ideas intended to honor the slain President. … Continue reading

Vandals cut down Shoe Tree in Nevada

LINCOLN HIGHWAY NEWS IS A BLOG BY BRIAN BUTKO The famous (and world’s largest) Shoe Tree along the Lincoln Highway at Middlegate, Nevada, was cut down overnight last Thursday. The 70-foot cottonwood towered over U.S. 50 about 125 miles east of Reno. A gallery of photos such as the ones here can be found on … Continue reading

Lincoln Highway used Kings Canyon Road

As Denny Gibson climbed the Sierra Nevadas a couple days ago he wondered if he should or could access Kings Canyon Road, a sometimes steep climb between Carson City, Nevada, and Lake Tahoe to the west. Once suburban King Street ends, there are 9 miles of westbound climbing. The total gain is 1,800 feet, but … Continue reading

Walk, Don’t Run — on the Lincoln Highway

Suddenly everyone is on foot along the Lincoln Highway. Following up on my last post about running the LH (with a quick reference to the 1960 song by the Ventures), Dennis Crowley has announced his plans to again walk part of the route this fall. (I reported on his first leg last October 6 and … Continue reading

Middlegate and Shoe Tree seen on street views

I was fishing around the Google street views for Middlegate and the Shoe Tree east of Fallon, Nevada, while double-checking my Lincoln Highway Companion draft, and captured a couple interesting views. Here’s the Shoe Tree – where visitors hang their shoes: Below is a wide-angle view of Middleage – the stage station, bar, and motel … Continue reading

Fallon Nevada celebrates centennial today

Fallon, along the Lincolon Highway in western Nevada, is today celebrating its centennial of becoming an incorporated city. According to the Lahontan Valley News, there was no town at the turn of the century until rancher Mike Fallon sold his land to Warren Williams in 1903, who then began selling lots on what is now … Continue reading

Proofing pages of Lincoln Highway Companion

My next book, Lincoln Highway Companion, lists places to eat, stay, and visit from coast-to-coast. It also features maps and must-see lists for every state. The guide was intended to coincide with Rick Sebak’s PBS program A Ride Along the Lincoln Highway but with a house move and some family passings, I delayed the book … Continue reading

Videos trace Loneliest Road across Nevada

YouTube offers many views of US 50 in Nevada, dubbed The Loneliest Road in America, much of which follows the Lincoln Highway. Here are some time-lapse videos, heading west, that show that, if the road is not exactly deserted, it can be lonely. Ely (look for the Hotel Nevada on the left at 0:42) westward … Continue reading

PBS’s Sebak: “We could do this forever”

PBS producer Rick Sebak has called the past few days reporting that like any good road trip, there’s just too many places to explore when you’re trying to keep to a schedule: “There’s so much to see, we could do this forever.” They’re on their second cross-country trip fiming for A Look Along the Lincoln … Continue reading

Austin, Nevada’s, Famed Church Gets Makeover

On this Easter morning, we have an update from Jan Morrison on the restoration of 142-year-old St. Augustine’s Church, which overlooks the Lincoln Highway through Austin, Nevada. It is the oldest Catholic church building in the state. A new roof has enabled workers to remove the interior ceiling scaffolding/supports. Jan is now pursuing a grant … Continue reading