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Ceremony Saturday for Abe Lincoln statue in NJ

LINCOLN HIGHWAY NEWS IS A BLOG BY BRIAN BUTKO On Saturday, February 12, 2011, noon, an annual ceremony will be held along the Lincoln Highway at the statue of Abraham Lincoln at the entrance of Lincoln Park, Kennedy Boulevard and Belmont Avenue in Jersey City. Lincoln Association VP Michael Ricciardone will host the ceremony, and … Continue reading

Lincoln Highway diner demolished (?) in NJ

LINCOLN HIGHWAY NEWS IS A BLOG BY BRIAN BUTKO UPDATE: The local newspaper now reports the diner was moved to Pennsylvania. A vintage diner along the Lincoln Highway in New Brunswick, NJ, has been demolished, reportedly on December 7, 2010. The 1941 Fodero-brand Mack’s Diner stopped serving food in 1968. It became a grocery, then … Continue reading

Edison Tower restoration continues in NJ

Al Pfingstl sent an update on the Edison Tower in Edison, New Jersey, the site of the inventor’s Menlo Park laboratory. It’s part of the 36-acre Edison State Park, which is also being rejuvenated to include a newly constructed museum (replacing a tiny one from 1947) and outdoor interpretive exhibits. The building contractor has begun … Continue reading

Celebration set for Lincoln statue in Jersey CIty

Al Pfingstl, NJ LHA director, writes about an annual celebration at the Abraham Lincoln statue located along the Lincoln Highway in Jersey City, as seen in his photo below. This year is special in that it’s the 200th anniversary of Lincoln’s birth. The Lincoln Association of Jersey City is the oldest organization in the country … Continue reading

Deco station a twin to Dunkle’s Gulf in Bedford

Postcard expert Russell Rein picked up a 1930s postcard that shows a station near Asbury Park, New Jersey, that’s very similar to the well-known Dunkle’s Gulf along the Lincoln Highway in Bedford, Pennsylvania. Dunkle’s is a popular stop and an extremely rare survivor from that era — and they still pump gas! Though it’s known … Continue reading

How to order your NJ Lincoln Highway book

Al Pfingstl reports that his new book about the Lincoln Highway in New Jersey is available from him for $19.95 + $3.00 shipping. That’s because Al is a one-man operation — writer, designer, publisher, and bookseller. His book arrived and it’s packed with info about towns, buildings, monuments, and markers. It’s broken into chapters by … Continue reading

Book explores Lincoln Highway in New Jersey

Al Pfingstl, LHA NJ Chapter Director, has just completed Sixty-Three Miles of History: The Lincoln Highway in New Jersey. Al says it took him a year to compile, edit, format, and print the book. “This endeavor was at the urging of my wife, after the passing of my dog ‘Winter’ who was my best friend, … Continue reading

Tunnel Diner in Jersey City slated for demolition

The Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor folks received word that the Tunnel Diner in Jersey City, New Jersey, is slated for demolition. This classic factory-built diner (1950s interior, 1960s redo outside) at 184 14th Street is along the later Lincoln Highway, once it was rerouted between New York City and New Jersey due to the opening … Continue reading

The Sky(way) is falling! Well, not yet anyhow.

An article in The New York Times examines the current state of the Pulaski Skyway, an overhead road that bypassed part of the Lincoln Highway in northern New Jersey in 1932. The 3-mile-long superhighway, named for Revolutionary War general Casimir Pulaski, was built to handle the traffic resulting from the opening of the Holland Tunnel … Continue reading

Time lapse of new sports arena in Newark, NJ

The [Newark] Star-Ledger photographed construction of the new Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, over a period of three years and has posted a time-lapse online. The arena, opened in November, is steps away from the intersection of Broad and Market, a famed crossroads and traditionally one of the most congested intersections along the Lincoln … Continue reading

Library, Lodging, and Restaurant Links Updated

I’ve been adding to the links column to the right, listing libraries to check your email or learn about local history; non-chain motels; and restaurants with local flavor. I have lots more to add, though admittedly very few ideas for lodging or restaurants along the Lincoln Highway in New Jersey. Anyone have recommendations? Above: Tourist … Continue reading