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Jay Leno takes A Ride Along the Lincoln Highway

PBS producer Rick Sebak alerted me that Jay Leno mentioned his new program, A Ride Along the Lincoln Highway, on last night’s show. At 8:29 into the show, near the end of his monologue, Leno says “it was a pretty good show,” then tries to joke about the title having a questionable double meaning. The … Continue reading

Reviews starting for PBS Lincoln Highway show

Reviews are starting for Rick Sebak’s A Ride Along the Lincoln Highway, airing next week. I’ll tell you more about what’s in it in the coming days, but here’s a review from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette‘s Rob Owen that went out on the Scripps wire. An excerpt: “Fans of Sebak’s love letters to Americana won’t be … Continue reading

PBS Lincoln Highway video near final cut

I revisited Rick Sebak at the WQED-TV studios to see the near-final cut of his Lincoln Highway documentary to air October 29. He has a typical end-of-project dilemma — so much cool stuff to show but not enough time in the 56-minute program. And his deadline to complete the work is this week. I was … Continue reading

PBS visits Mindy and the Shoe House (& NYC)

PBS producer Rick Sebak made his way to New York City last week to catch the eastern end of the Lincoln Highway. One of the stops on their way back to Pittsburgh was at the famous Haines Shoe House near York, Pa., where he met LHA board member and long-time roadside researcher Mindy Crawford, who … Continue reading