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Lincoln Highway Buy-Way Yard Sale this weekend

LINCOLN HIGHWAY NEWS IS A BLOG BY BRIAN BUTKO The 8th Annual Buy-Way Yard Sale along the Lincoln Highway starts this Thursday and runs through Saturday, Aug. 11. Started in Ohio, it has grown to include West Virginia and parts of Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa’s Lincoln Highway communities. “If you are looking for it, it’s out … Continue reading

Lincoln Highway Buy-Way coming your way!

LINCOLN HIGHWAY NEWS IS A BLOG BY BRIAN BUTKO It’s once again time for the annual Lincoln Highway Buy-Way Yard Sale running August 4, 5 and 6, 2011. The miles-long event began in Ohio seven years ago and has since expanded to all of Iowa and parts of Illinois and Indiana. Ohio publishes an official … Continue reading

2010 Buy-Way yard sale set for August

The Sixth Annual BUY-WAY Yard Sale along the Lincoln Highway has been set for August 5, 6 and 7, 2010. The leading state is Ohio, which last years had over 1,000 yard sale locations. “Ohio started this, and parts of Indiana and Illinois soon joined in,” said Mike Hocker, executive director of the Historic Byway … Continue reading

Ohio’s BUY-WAY Yard Sale Biggest Ever

From 250 yard sales the first year, to over 1,000 individual pull-off yard sale events this (fifth) year, this seemed to be the biggest BUY-WAY Yard Sale ever. Ohio Lincoln Highway Historic Byway Director Mike Hocker noted everyone said sales were up, traffic was up, and the money was up. Small communities like Leesville, Gomer, … Continue reading

Lincoln Highway Buy-Way big sale starts today

Hit the road today through Sunday, August 6 – 8, for the fifth annual Lincoln Highway BUY-WAY Yard Sale. Sales will stretch from Chester, West Virginia, across the Ohio River through Ohio and into Indiana and Illinois. Look for tables and tents along the way. Many businesses in Ohio will have free maps available like … Continue reading

Illinois cuts prices for Buy-Way sale supplies

The 2008 Lincoln Highway Buy-Way Yard Sale will again stretch from West Virginia through Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday August 7-9 (note only Aug. 8-9 in Illinois). Anyone along the various routings of the Lincoln Highway can have a yard sale and/or business sidewalk sale. In its second year participating, the … Continue reading

Update on 2008 Lincoln Highway Buy Way sale

The Lincoln Highway Buy Way — Aug 7, 8 & 9, 2008 — is a yard sale that stretches hundreds of miles along the famous coast-to-coast road. Homeowners, businesses, and civic groups set up antiques, yard decorations, and lots of other things to buy for mile after mile. The event has grown to include Illinois, … Continue reading

Lincoln Highway Buy-Way set August 7-9, 2008

The Lincoln Highway Buy-Way, a yard sale running along the road through 4 states, is set for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, August 7-9, 2008. Launched in Ohio a few years ago, it has grown to include Indiana, Illinois, and West Virginia. Homeowners and businesses set up sales or offer specials along the way, making for … Continue reading