About Brian

I love to share discoveries, vintage photos, and postcards with others through my books, and write about what all those things mean:

Kennywood: Behind the Screams, Pocket Edition

Roadside Attractions

Roadside Giants

Greetings from the Lincoln Highway

Klondikes, Chipped Ham, & Skyscraper Cones: The Story of Isaly’s

Diners of Pennsylvania

The Lincoln Highway: Pennsylvania Traveler’s Guide

NOTE: This site is completely the creation of me, Brian Butko. I write and research all content. Occasionally I repost images and info from other sites with appropriate credit and links. Many friends and strangers submit info and images, for which I’m extremely grateful. I am not a news agency or image bank, and no content or images should be copied and used elsewhere without permission. You can contact me at brian [at] brianbutko.com or find my groups on Facebook. You can also find my (now rarely updated) LH blog at lincolnhighwaynews.com/.

BB@Rosevear’s Ranch, NV
That’s me at Rosevear’s Ranch, once a Lincoln Highway oasis in Nevada.


3 thoughts on “About Brian

  1. I bought your book becasue I have a great interest in tracking down info/pictures on a particular diner in Langhorne (Oxford Valley) PA

    My Grandparents, Edward and Alma Worthington owned and operated Mom and Pops in the 1940s and 50s.

    While I have a few relics of the diner, I have been unable to track down any info. There was a brief mention in your second book about a diner that advertised in Tail Gate magazine as being on the site of the former Mom and Pops diner. But that is all.

    DO you have any leads I can follow?

    John Worthington

  2. Hi Brian —

    Kathleen Dow suggested that I make sure you know about
    our Lincoln Highway digital collection at:

    Also, I don’t know if you know about my husband’s mural
    about Alice Ramsey’s historic drive across the U.S. as
    the first woman to do so.


    Her route pre-dated the Lincoln Highway but there is to
    be a centennial re-ride of Alice’s journey in a 1909
    Maxwell-Brisco next year. See: http://aliceramsey.org
    The two videos on the site are really inspirational.



  3. Brian –

    I just started following your blog, since I’m working on developing my own blog on U.S. 40/the National Road (http://exploreroute40.wordpress.com/). Thanks for all your great information on the Lincoln Highway (though a separate road, still similar issues), and I hope to mirror some of that info on my site as well. Do you have any tips for getting started, or where do you get your information?

    Thanks again,

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