Diner sleuth drives to Lisbon — news not good


Diner fan and fanatic John Shoaf couldn’t just read about the deconstruction of the Crosser Diner along the Lincoln Highway in Lisbon Ohio — he had to drive from West Virginia to see the situation for himself. Sorry to say, not only will St. Louis not be getting the diner, but neither will anyone else. John reports that if there ever was a deal to move it, the buyer never showed or paid. The porcelain enameled panels have been taken off and stored, but by now the wooden framing has been burned!

At least he got a look at it first:

WOW!! B.G. Harley’s design used by Sterling is highly evident in what’s left. Each of the four-foot sections is highly visible. The “frame base flanges/bolts” can easily be seen in how it was constructed, with each four-foot section bolted together till the diner was the size you wanted.

Interesting even more to me: It started as a CURVED ROOF diner in the plant but was given a flat-ish over roof (using the same wood as the curved part so it wasn’t an after add-on) to make it a later updated squared-off design.

Too bad that even one neato four-foot section isn’t going to be saved for posterity, it’s a crying shame. A beautiful example GONE FOREVER

Here’s a photo of a round-roofed Sterling for sale at Antique Car Investments:


3 thoughts on “Diner sleuth drives to Lisbon — news not good

  1. The barrel roofed Sterling pictured last operated as the Jonesville Diner, Clifton Park, NY, in 1996. The short version of what happened after that: the diner moved to Massachusetts, the new owner couldn’t get permits to open, the American Diner Museum took it over, the diner spent several years parked behind the Shawmut Diner, and the ADM eventually sold it. It doesn’t surprise me that this diner hasn’t sold – $29,500 is an awfully high price for a diner that would still need a lot of work.

    I took several pictures of this diner just before and during the move, and one of them appears in “Diners of New York” by Engle and Monti.

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